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National Equipment Leasing provides financing options on just about any type of equipment with business use application. National Equipment is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and was formed in October of 1998 as a subsidiary of the Dellen Automotive family. National Equipment spun off and was incorporated in January of 2000.

We work with vendors to provide and additional source of financing so you are able to get your customers out the door and on with business as quickly as possible. National Equipment also works with businesses as a one stop financial headquarters when looking to purchase new equipment.

National Equipment has an experienced management team, and a friendly and helpful staff to provide you with the best service possible. National works hard to make sure you or your customers get the right lease for their business needs.


(Mary Ann and Bud)

The NEL Team

"At National Leasing Company, we recognize that every client has different financial needs. We can assist you in making your financial decisions based on such factors as your sensitivy to cash flow, yield, taximplications, risk-return and residual positioning. Our customers have come to rely on the National Leasing Company for our expertise, prompt and professional service, individually customized financing alternatives, competitive rates and flexibility."
(President Bud Callahan)

Off Campus Reps

Paul Vaughn
(Regional Manager—Southeastern Region)

Craig Buehler
(Regional Manager—Midwest Region)

Herb Lindsey

Paul Burnham

Navigating the Current Lending Environment:

The state of affairs in the banking/finance industry does not look good right now and it might be hard to find institutions willing to lend money. Companies are spending a lot more time searching for banks and trying to finance their equipment instead of selling their goods and services. Time is money! Why not let National Equipment Leasing work for you?

Here at NEL we have partnered with eighty four banks, lending companies and private investors so let us find you the lease and/or financing you need. We work hard to get you the best possible deal and are conscious to make sure the structure works with you business model. Whether it is cash flow, tax planning or seasonal payments you are most concerned about NEL can get it done.

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We Are Located
9801 Fall Creek Road #342 - Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone: (317) 823.0447 - Toll Free: (888) 613.9797 - Fax: (317) 823.0474 - version 5.0